The Top 3 Features of a Successful Premium Packaging Design

A good packaging design goes well beyond simply containing a product, especially when it comes to high quality, premium products. Products with a higher price point require packaging that can showcase a premium or even luxury brand. Premium packaging is the embodiment of a brand, leveraged across media and physical sales points. It only stands to reason that designing a premium package is a wise investment in your overall product marketing plan.

Three important features characterize a premium packaging design: Minimalism and elegance, strong, resistant materials, and sustainability. Understanding how these features all play a role in design is the first step in developing the right premium packaging for your brand.

At Polymerall, we understand the complexity of packaging an item for freshness and durability. We know that each product has its unique packaging needs. We use the finest quality packaging materials and customize premium products with their own packaging systems.

Minimalist packaging is here to stay

Minimalist packaging dominates luxury product industries with its simple, clean lines and polished aesthetic. On the practical side, minimalism is easily applied across industries and is extremely versatile. Minimalism helps brands communicate innovation and transparency, qualities valued by consumers. While seemingly simple, this packaging design uses a pared-back strategy in order to highlight a product’s quality and functionality.

Creating a packaging design that utilizes the principles of minimalism requires knowledge of both design and high-quality packaging materials. We have an in-house design team that can take your concept and make it a reality within days of consultation. Count on us to use the latest technologies and innovations in the field to develop the right premium packaging for your luxury brand.

Packaging Quality Control

When premium brands package their products, they are looking to convince consumers that their products are well worth a higher price point. In order to do this, packaging materials must also be of higher quality. Multi-layered laminations, for example, demonstrate the care and consideration the company has for its product quality and the customers who purchase them.

Premium and Sustainable Packaging Materials

Sustainable packaging is in becoming an expectation by consumers all over the world, who feel that it is the brand’s responsibility to develop and market their products without damaging the earth. Luxury brands are developing sustainable packaging solutions that do not compromise on their premium quality.

Polymerall offers a wide variety of sustainable packaging options, reducing your brand’s carbon footprint without compromising on the quality and aesthetic of its premium packaging. Look for water-based inks, recycled materials and biodegradable coatings to add to your packaging system.

Polymerall has your premium packaging solution

Premium packaging solutions begin with a consultation with one of our flexible packaging experts. Let’s talk about a custom premium packaging design that ticks all the boxes and showcases your quality product. Reach out today!