Top three benefits of using high barrier films in meat packaging

Polymerall high barrier films for meat packaging

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, global consumption of meat is rising. Projected per capita consumption in 2028 is 35.1 kilograms, an increase from 34.4 kilograms in 2019. Meat, fish, and poultry products may be popular, but they are particularly vulnerable to spoilage. Not only that, consumers are demanding products that are fresh without the use of preserving agents if at all possible.

This demand for a fresh, natural product creates an excellent market for farms who wish to sell their own product. It also creates the necessity for high-performance packaging that increases shelf life and provides an acceptable barrier between water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms.

High barrier films for food packaging are an excellent option for all types of fresh meat packaging. Three major benefits of high barrier films include extended shelf life, product presentation and customization capabilities.

Extended Shelf Life

Multi-layer films are highly effective as a barrier between the product and its enemies such as oxygen and microorganisms. The use of vacuum packaging is yet another step in ensuring that the product remains fresh for longer. High-quality barrier films will slow down the decomposition process and preserve the nutritional content of meat products. Not only that, these packaging solutions meat products to be safely stored in minus-degree temperatures, which is an important convenience feature for customers of farm-to-table businesses.

Keeping up appearances

Vacuum-packaged meat retains its fresh, natural appearance for far longer than meat packaged with other methods, a key sale point for consumers. Not only that, high barrier films help retain an odor-free packaged product, another motivator for consumers. Transparent material  is invaluable when customers are making purchase decisions, and with the tight seal of the packaging, food looks appetizing and ready to prepare.

Customizing Made Easy

It’s vital that meat is packaged safely and correctly. High barrier films can be customized according to the particular product, including layers, sealing and adhesion. Not only can you customize for food quality, you can customize for marketing as well. Promoting your brand is easy, with high quality printing and graphics.

Polymerall Has You Covered

At Polymerall, we have high-quality packaging  for meat products. We can customize high barrier film laminations that will bring out the best in your products. We offer custom printed, laminated and specialty finished high barrier films that guarantee safety and freshness for your customers.

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