Polymerall – Your Partner in Food Waste Solutions

Flexible food packaging

Global food waste – it’s a problem on a massive scale that affects every being on our planet. The true depth of the issue is hard to even wrap your mind around. Here are just a few sobering facts:

  • 40% of food produced in the US alone is wasted.
  • Food decay in landfills produces methane that is more than twenty times more lethal to the environment than carbon dioxide.
  • 25% of the world’s water supply is used to produce food that is never eaten.

In the food industry, up to 30% of manufactured food product is estimated to be lost to spoilage, with microbial spoilage being the main culprit. That’s a staggering economic and environmental impact. 

At Polymerall, we are committed to food waste reduction with our flexible packaging solutions. We are a food packaging supplier with a variety of options to suit your business needs. Our packaging offers important properties that work to reduce waste, such as small-size options for single food portions and a variety of resealing options. Read on to find out how our products can make a real difference in food safety and waste reduction.

Laminated plastic bags

These laminated bags are easily customized in our factory in order to provide the appropriate thickness and oxygen and moisture transmission barriers, sealing in that freshness. Enduring freshness greatly helps reduce the chances of food be needlessly wasted. Choose from a variety of zippers such as resealable, adhesive and press-to-close. Laminated bags also come with an optional degassing valve, meant to release carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen or moisture in. We offer a variety of styles, including the popular stand up pouch and the handy resealable zipper bags, convenient for condiments. Choose from matte or gloss finish on this full-printed bag.

Polypropylene Plastic Bags

For products that really need that long-lasting freshness and quality sealing options such as baked goods and single-portion snacks, you may want to look into polypropylene. Our packaging is odor-free and doesn’t affect food flavor or odor, an issue which can lead to unnecessary food disposal.  These bags have the same resealing options as the laminated bags, and also offer anti-slip materials – a bonus for products that need to be stacked. And of course, our packaging is always printed in pigmented LDPE. Your customers will always recognize your brand on the shelves and remember it for its quality contents and great-looking packaging.

Interested in food waste prevention through the use of high quality flexible packaging? Polymerall is too, and we can help you find the right packaging solutions for your food products. Get in touch today and find out how to get started!