RoadRescue’s Sustainable Packaging Revolution

RoadRescue's Sustainable Packaging Revolution

RoadRescue Asphalt Company has been a leader in the road repair and asphalt industry since 1895 and continues to lead in innovation and sustainability. The company recently shifted its packaging strategy by leaving behind traditional plastic buckets and embracing eco-friendly pouches.

This innovation not only answered to the company’s mission of delivering high-performance asphalt repair products but also earned them industry recognition with the prestigious “Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging” Golden Award granted by the Flexible Packaging Association.

The transition from buckets to two-sided seal pouches underlines the company’s dedication to sustainability and points to a major shift in the industry, RoadRescue recognized the need for change and set off on a journey to reduce its carbon footprint.

This case study investigates the challenges posed by traditional packaging, the steps taken towards positive change, and the remarkable results achieved by Polymerall’s innovative flexible packaging solution. 

Read on to find out how sustainable practices can join up with innovation, and how RoadRescue Asphalt Company is paving the way to a more efficient and environmentally-conscious asphalt industry.