Summer Ready: Suncare Packaging Innovation with Easysnap & Polymerall 


Easysnap and Polymerall: Revolutionizing Convenience and Sustainability in Suncare 

 Consumers today demand convenience and sustainability in sun protection and personal care products. Manufacturers struggle to meet these demands simultaneously, often sacrificing one for the other. 

Recent studies by The Benchmarking Company (2023) show a rise in consumer preference for effective products with transparent testing and clear sustainability practices. This aligns with a growing trend towards clean beauty and skin care products, with 38% of US women prioritizing options that minimize environmental impact and skin irritation (Beauty Packaging, 2023). 

Introducing Easysnap: A Game-changer for Single-Dose Sun Protection 

Easysnap technology disrupts the single-dose packaging market with its user-friendly design. This intuitive format allows for effortless opening and dispensing in a single motion, streamlining the consumer’s daily sun protection routine. Easysnap is perfect for various applications, ensuring convenient sun protection on the go. 

Beyond Convenience: Sustainable Innovation 

Easysnap is not just about ease of use; it champions sustainability, too. Made from over 85% recyclable paper (Easysnap, source), it aligns perfectly with the global shift towards eco-friendly packaging solutions. This innovation gives brands a competitive edge by meeting consumer demands for sustainability and enhancing product appeal. 

Meeting the Demand for Multifunctional Products 

Consumers are increasingly seeking multifunctional products, which extend to sun protection. Manufacturers create products that protect, nourish, and enhance skin appearance, blurring the lines between skincare and suncare (Cosmetics Business, 2023). Easysnap’s compatibility with liquid and creamy formulas makes it ideal for brands offering convenient, on-the-go sun protection solutions that do not compromise aesthetics or usability. 

A Partnership for Sustainable Success 

Polymerall goes beyond providing innovative packaging solutions. We understand the evolving needs of American consumer goods manufacturers. By combining Easysnap’s technology with Polymerall’s expertise and rapid response infrastructure, brands can deliver sun protection products that resonate with today’s environmentally conscious consumers. 

Polymerall: Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Suncare Packaging 

Whether you need custom packaging solutions, single-dose options, or eco-friendly alternatives, Polymerall is your trusted partner. We can help you navigate the complexities of modern packaging demands. Polymerall offers customized solutions that enhance product performance and minimize environmental impact. 

Contact Polymerall today to discover how, together with Easysnap’s convenient, single-dose, and sustainable packaging, we can transform your sun care brand.