4 Food Packaging Innovations That Will Impact 2023

Food Packaging Innovations

No one can deny that 2022 brought some heavy-duty challenges to the food packaging industry, with food prices soaring and supply chains broken. Climate change, the war in the Ukraine, the deadliest bird flu in US history; all of these have played their part in driving up food prices in recent years.

There has never been a greater need for innovations to the industry, with concerns for food safety and waste at the forefront. The food packaging industry has answered with some key innovations that will become more prevalent in 2023, addressing issues such as food waste and supply-chain disruption.

Intelligent Food Packaging

Intelligent food packaging has gotten a recent boost with technological advancements. In fact, this market is expanding at a CAGR of about 9% from 2021 – 2031.1

This impressive pH-reliant technology can keep track of product expiration, tampering, temperature, even food quality. It’s a game-changer for assessing food safety and minimizing waste.

Antimicrobial Food Packaging

Antimicrobial food packaging introduces antimicrobials into the packaging in order to delay or prevent microbes from developing in the food. Naturally, this has been proven to increase shelf life and decrease food waste.

This type of packaging has been in use for some time, but the technology is continuously being developed to improve its efficacy. In the wake of a global pandemic, consumers are looking for packaging that will keep food free of contaminants.

Single-Serve and Resealing Innovations

Consumers are looking for ways to stretch their dollars, which means they want to be able to take what they need from a food package and then reseal the package to use later. This can often result in food being discarded as it loses freshness.

With new heat-sealable resealing technologies, packaging is easier than ever to reseal, with firm resealing properties that keep in freshness for longer.

The packaging industry is also responding to consumer demand for packaging in smaller, single-serve pouches that reduce waste and boost convenience for busy lifestyles.

Global Science and Research

With issues such as famine, disease and war affecting the world’s population, international research in food packaging innovations is cooperative and ongoing. With technology allowing multinational researchers to work remotely, so much can be done that will benefit the global community.

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