Over-the-Mountain Films for Enhanced Packaging Performance

Over-the-Mountain Films by Polymerall Flexible Packaging

High-altitude and low-pressure conditions can be incredibly damaging to products. Burst packages and spoiled products can be all too common an issue when transported in these conditions. Obviously, snack products rely on strong, durable packaging in order to maintain freshness and edibility for their target customers.

Fortunately, Polymerall Flexible Packaging, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of flexible packaging, has developed a solution to this challenge. Over-the-Mountain films (OTM) are specifically designed to ship in high-altitude, low-pressure environments. These films are engineered with superior seal strength and high barrier qualities to make them ideal for transporting in high-altitude conditions.

The best part of using OTM film solutions is that they can be applied in a variety of packaging formats such as pillows and stand-up pouches. These films can extend shelf-life, reduce product waste and create brand loyalty across the snack market.

Read up on this innovative, original solution in our whitepaper. We’ll talk about the challenges of transporting products in high altitude, low-pressure environments, the technology behind their superior performance and the benefits that come with using OTM films. We’ll also let you know how you can get started with Polymerall and OTM film solutions and get ahead with your brand today.