Choosing the Right Packaging for Food Safety

Food Safety Packaging

Food safety is a critical issue for today’s consumers. Chemicals and cancer-causing elements as well as foodborne pathogens are the top concerns for those making food-purchasing decisions. It’s more important than ever for the food industry to take steps to improve food protection and shelf-life.

Flexible packaging contributes to food safety against factors such as water vapor loss and gain, oxidation of unsaturated fats, microbial growth of pathogens, and enzymatic and non-enzymatic activity.

Using strong resealing features, multilayer structures and high barrier properties, flexible packaging manufacturers ensure food safety and extended food viability.

At Polymerall, we are experts in food safety and handling. Our HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the safety of their products. We invite you to call or write today to get started on a personalized flexible packaging quote.

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