Four reasons why resealable packaging has the edge over traditional packaging

Benefits of resealable packaging

Did you ever open a plastic package of cheese or lunch meat and then realize you had no way of keeping it from drying out in the fridge? That’s pretty inconvenient. It’s also not a great way to keep food safe or edible for long. It’s easy to understand why a customer would reach for a plastic pouch with a zipper when faced with store shelf filled with snack or fresh food options.

Convenience and safety are two very compelling reasons why resealable plastic bags are taking over as a top seller in the packaging industry. But they aren’t the only reasons. We’re here to bring you the facts on why this feature is an important consideration when shopping for product packaging.

There are four top reasons why resealable packaging has the edge over other packaging options:

Resealable packaging increases your product value

A brand value study, published by Flexible Packaging Magazine, found that resealability was the second most important factor of flexible packaging. They also found that consumers are willing to pay up to 14% more for resealable packaging. That’s an impressive increase in value to your brand.

Resealable pouches make life easier for consumers

We all have that junk drawer with zip ties on the bottom of them, never to be found when you actually need them. Or maybe it’s a cupboard filled with reusable containers that have no matching lids?

Either way, resealable zipper pouches do away with the need to rehome a food product once the package has been opened. No more fridge spills, no more pantry messes to clean up, and it’s as easy as zipping the package closed.

Resealable plastic bags make a real impact on the environment

Custom zip-lock bags can be reused, especially when they are used to package products such as linens and clothing. Not only that, with food products, items can be stored in the original packaging, reducing the need for extra tin-foil and plastic wraps.

Food loss, a real global issue, can be reduced. So many times an open package of food is forgotten in the fridge, and then later thrown out, the contents wasted. With resealable plastic pouches, food can be stored for longer.

Resealable packaging means built-in protection

Just seeing a plastic pouch with a zipper gives a sense of security to the customer, as they know this means the product is locked in. This type of packaging prevents food contamination and extends shelf-life, keep products safe to eat for much longer.

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