Degassing Valves: An Essential Coffee Packaging Feature

Polymerall's Coffee Packaging Degassing Valve

Nearly every kitchen has coffee – that magical drink that enables us to open our eyes in the morning. Most people take for granted that the coffee they buy will stay fresh from point of purchase to its very short life in the package at home.

But most people don’t know how important coffee packaging is to the flavor, aroma and freshness of this popular drink. The packaging process is complex, and all elements should be present to create that perfect cup of joe.

It’s all about chemistry. When coffee beans are roasted, chemical reactions take place. Gasses such as CO2 are formed in the beans and slowly begin to seep out after roasting.

And that makes a one-way degassing valve an indispensable element to coffee packaging. One of the tasks that the valve performs is to allow this gas to be released. The other task is to keep oxygen out, ensuring that the products stays fresh.

Let’s talk about a few important reasons why coffee packaging should always include a one-way degassing valve.

To Avoid a Coffee Explosion

With no release, coffee bags can actually inflate and burst. Customers tend to avoid leaking or swelling bags, as they don’t generally promote product confidence. A valve gives these gasses somewhere to go, allowing product packaging to retain its shape.

To Keep Oxygen Out

While it’s vital to release CO2, it’s just as vital to keep oxygen out. There’s nothing worse than buying a large package of your favorite coffee and have it go stale before you can use it all. Valves work to keep oxygen out of the packaging, allowing your coffee to stay fresh much longer.

To Allow Product to Be Packaged Quickly

A coffee company wants its product to move. Getting it out of the roaster and into stores is the goal. When the coffee packaging contains a valve, there’s no need to wait while the coffee beans release their gasses. The packaging line becomes much more efficient, and the people can have their morning cup much faster.

When coffee is being packaged into single-serve bags or very small portions, these valves become less necessary. However, for any coffee bags being transported over long distances or in larger quantities, it’s one feature that shouldn’t be skipped.

Polymerall knows (and loves) coffee. If you want the experts in safe, efficient, quality coffee packaging, ask for a customized quotes from our team today. Let’s work together to create the perfect packaging solution for your perfectly roasted beans.