Laminated Films: The Versatile Packaging Solution

Laminating films are created when two or more flexible packaging webs, consisting of films, papers or foils, are bonded using an adhesion agent. When several films are laminated together, the result is a multi-layer packaging structure that offers a highly protective barrier. Thanks to a growing number of available technologies, laminated films can be customized for protection and shelf appeal in both food and non-food applications.

Laminated films have three main functions.

  • To provide strength to the packaging material that makes it resistant to punctures and tears;
  • To provide a complete seal to close the flexible packaging tightly;
  • To provide a barrier against outside agents such as light, moisture, pathogens and gases.

There are generally two types of lamination processes when films are created. Adhesive lamination uses strong adhesives to bind the layers of lamination film together. Extrusion lamination binds films together using a molten resin extruded through extruder dies. The molten resin forms a layer along with the films to create a strong, puncture-resistant multi-layer structure.

In applications where products need a barrier for protection and shelf life, laminated films are ideal – for food products as well as non-food products such as cosmetics, electronics and insulation. In both food and non-food applications, laminated film layers need to be carefully customized and functional for each product.

Your product packaging should be tailored to the specific concerns for your product’s needs and characteristics. Laminated film has a number of benefits to take into consideration when choosing the right packaging for your product.


Laminated film rollstock, when produced in large volumes, can reduce costs and waste. This to the form, fill and seal machine creating each one in line. What’s more, these machines can create many more per minute than regular pouches and bags.

Innovative design

Laminated films are right in step with the industry’s move toward using fewer materials and less waste while extending product shelf life. As technology advances, laminate coat weights can be made thinner and lighter, while maintaining strength and protective properties.

Shelf appeal

Laminating films are being used by companies searching for new, creative ways to display products and high-definition graphics. Sharp, vivid colors and graphics using a variety of innovative printing methods push products to the front of the store shelf.

Polymerall has years of experience in creating laminated films and rollstock that will promote your brand and extend the shelf life of your product. Call today and let’s find the packaging solution that is right for you.