Shrink Film – A Flexible, Durable Packaging Solution

shrink films

There are many advantages to using shrink films and bags for product packaging. These materials are flexible, durable, and extremely effective in protecting their contents from the elements. Wondering if shrink film is exactly what you need for your business? We’ve got it all wrapped up here!

What is shrink film?

Also known as shrink wrap, shrink film is a polymer plastic used to wrap finished products with applied heat. 

There are a number of different types of shrink film, with some common types being flat roll-stock and plastic bags. Shrink wrap rolls can be used with heat to bring the film together around the product. Pre-formed plastic bags can also be an option, with the product placed in the bag and then sealed inside with heat.

What are the benefits of shrink film?


Shrink films and shrink wrap bags can be customized with your brand logo with a variety of colors and fonts. You can easily make your product recognizable and unique on any store shelf.


These materials are resistant to punctures and tears, which helps greatly reduce the likelihood of damage during transport. They help protect sensitive products from light, dust, water and other harmful elements.

Shrink films are also a means of reducing tampering. Since these films are tightly bound to the product, any tampering is highly noticeable. 

And, of course, food grade shrink films can increase shelf life of food products. The films can minimize moisture vapor transmission rates and offer a barrier from content odor.


This material can really make a difference in your bottom line. Shrink film is not an expensive material, and the process results in items being kept close together. That means less space taken up in warehouses and transport vehicles, which can be a big savings.


Shrink films and bags can be used in so many ways, with large and small products. The possibilities are so vast, thanks to their durability and the ability to customize them according to the product type.

What industries commonly use shrink films?

Paper products

Shrink films make paper products tamper-proof and protect them during long shipping routes.

Games and electronics

PVC shrink wrap is a popular material for packaging these items, due to its affordability and its tamper detection capabilities. It protects sensitive electronic pieces from damage during transport and life on store shelves.


Polyolefin (POF) is the most common film used for packaging food products. It’s important to check that the type you choose is FDA approved for food. Shrink films are highly effective at protecting food from spoilage and thus at reducing waste.

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