The Benefits of Flexible Soap Packaging

Detergent and soap packaging has been traditionally delivered in rigid packaging. Most detergents and hand soaps traditionally come in hard plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. However, there is definitely a case to be made in considering flexible alternatives for soap packaging. 

Not only is flexible packaging more sustainable in many ways, it offers a better customer experience from grocery cart to daily use. Flexible soap packaging also provides manufacturers with a cost-effective way to package and transport their products from factories to retail centers.

Eco-friendly Advantage

Soap packaging that is recyclable and requires fewer materials to produce is always well-received by environmentally-conscious consumers. Not only that, flexible packaging is much lighter, reducing the carbon footprint in transport. Using less plastic and adding earth-friendly materials are real benefits of flexible packaging.

Customer Experience

A lighter package is always very noticeable on that long trip from the car to the laundry room. Rigid plastic bottles can be heavy and cumbersome, making a lighter package pretty attractive to the average consumer. 

Not only that, soap packaging products such as laminated rollstock for soap bar wrappers can provide product protection that cardboard packaging cannot. Moisture and light can’t penetrate the multi-layer packaging, allowing for a longer-lasting, mold-free product. Not only that, flexible soap packaging is durable, ensuring that leaks are minimized.

On top of that, customers appreciate a product that is easily stored. Flexible packaging takes less room than rigid packaging, allowing for customers to maximize their living space. 

Customers also tend to get more product for their money, since soap packaging such as pouches for hand soap can be rolled up to squeeze out every last drop.

Upper Hand for the Manufacturer 

Manufacturers lose much less product when transporting it in puncture-resistant soap packaging. They can be stored without concern of product loss to moisture and light. This type of soap packaging is lightweight and takes up much less room, allowing for cost-effective, efficient storage and transportation.

Flexible soap packaging such as laminated rollstock and pouches can be custom printed using high-definition flexographic printing, which means products with shelf appeal. 

Polymerall has your soap packaging solution

At Polymerall, we are confident that we have the solution for your soap packaging needs. We have options that include sustainable materials, resealable zippers and tamper-proof closures. We believe that convenience, efficiency and shelf appeal are essential to product success, and we have all the tools. Reach out today to speak to a creative expert on our team.
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