Industry-defining Packaging Trends in 2023

Packaging trends come and go, but we have taken a glimpse into the future and we can see what’s here to stay –and grow. These trends will bring products to the forefront and engage customers for future brand loyalty.

  • Shopping trends have definitely taken a sharp turn towards e-commerce since the pandemic, nearly doubling online grocery purchases since 2018, just for one example. Companies are continually working to provide lightweight, easy-open packaging to meet this demand.
  • Product safety is a must, especially in the food industry. With growth in ecommerce comes the necessity to ensure and communicate product freshness and safety.
  • Interactive packaging is utilizing exciting new technologies to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. Look out for new innovations in this fascinating packaging industry trend.
  • Sustainable packaging is a must as concern for our environment grows. Biodegradable and compostable packaging are growing in popularity, and recyclable packaging materials continue to be in demand.

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